Once I know my risk, what can I do?
These "risk calculators" work in a very similar way to those that are used, for example, to scientifically predict if it will rain within three days or if you will suffer a heart attack in the next 10 years.

For example, in the case that we have a high probability of suffering a heart attack and if we are sedentary, we smoke and have high cholesterol, we could do physical exercise, eat a healthier diet and/or quit smoking.

In this way, we could go from having a high risk to having a low risk, thus decreasing the possibility of having a heart attack in the coming years.

In the event that we had, for example, a high risk of suffering from depression in the next year, we could reduce this risk by doing physical exercise (if we are sedentary), achieving a more restful sleep (if we sleep poorly), improving our social relationships (if we perceive low social or family support), avoiding toxic substances (such as alcohol or cannabis), dealing adequately with physical problems (arthritis, hypothyroidism, etc.) or mental health problems (generalized anxiety, panic attacks, etc.), and/or taking part in rewarding leisure activities (reading, going to the movies, walking in the countryside, etc.).
There are many other things we could do to prevent depression, anxiety, and/or hazardous or harmful alcohol drinking in the next year. In the PREVENTION tab you will find information about those that have scientific evidence of their effectiveness in preventing these problems.
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