Why is it necessary to prevent depression, anxiety and at-risk drinking?
Depression, anxiety and hazardous or harmful alcohol drinking are very frequent problems that cause high personal and family suffering, with negative repercussions on health, quality of life, and work, in addition to generating high costs for health services and society in general.
+ of 300 millions of people suffer depression in the world

Currently, there are treatments for depression, anxiety and/or hazardous or harmful alcohol drinking that are reasonably effective. However, many people who suffer from these health problems are unaware or their doctors do not detect it, and therefore they do not receive the indicated treatments.

Sometimes these treatments are very expensive or inaccessible (for example, psychotherapy sessions), and they can even be administered inappropriately (for example, using antidepressants in insufficient doses or for too short a time).

And finally, there are people who abandon treatment prematurely. All this contributes to the fact that some people who suffer from these health problems do not improve or recover.

The prevention of depression, anxiety and the hazardous alcohol drinking avoids these health problems from starting; that is, it acts as a vaccine and from this viewpoint, "prevention is better than cure".

+ de 260 millions of people have anxiety in the world.
3,3 millions of deaths per year due to harmful consumption of alcohol
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