Some of our scientific publications related with predictplusprevent:

Bellón JA, Conejo-Cerón S, Moreno-Peral P, King M, Nazareth I, Martín-Pérez C, Fernández-Alonso C, Rodríguez-Bayón A,Fernández A, Aiarzaguena JM, Montón-Franco C, Ibanez-Casas I, Rodríguez-Sánchez E, Ballesta-Rodríguez MI, Serrano-Blanco A,Gómez MC, LaFuente P, Muñoz-García Mdel M, Mínguez-Gonzalo P, Araujo L, Palao D, Bully P, Zubiaga F, Navas-Campaña D,Mendive J, Aranda-Regules JM, Rodriguez- Morejón A, Salvador-Carulla L, de Dios Luna J. Intervention to Prevent Major Depression in Primary Care: A Cluster Randomized Trial. Annals of Internal Medicine 2016, 17;164(10):656-65

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Bellón JÁ, Moreno-Peral P, Moreno-Küstner B, Motrico E, Aiarzagüena JM, Fernández A, Fernández-Alonso C, Montón-Franco C, Rodríguez-Bayón A, Ballesta-Rodríguez MI, Runte-Geidel A, Payo-Gordón J, Serrano-Blanco A, Oliván-Blázquez B, Araujo L, Muñoz- García Mdel M, King M, Nazareth I, Amezcua M. Patients' opinions about knowing their risk for depression and what to do about it. The predictD-qualitative study. Plos One. 2014. 19;9(3):e92008.

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Bellón JÁ, Moreno-Peral P, Motrico E, Rodríguez-Morejón A, Fernández A, Serrano- Blanco A, Zabaleta-del- Olmo E, Conejo-Cerón S. Effectiveness of psychological and/or educational interventions to prevent the onset of episodes of depression: A systematic review of systematic reviews and meta-analyzes. Preventive Medicine, 2015, 76 Suppl: S22-32.

Moreno-Peral P, Conejo-Cerón S, Fernández A, Berenguera A, Martínez-Andrés M, Pons-Vigués M, Motrico E, Rodríguez-Martín B, Bellón JA, Rubio-Valera M. Primary care patients' perspectives of barriers and enablers of primary prevention and health promotion-a meta-ethnographic synthesis. PLoS One. 2015 May 4;10(5):e0125004.

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Bellón D, Rodríguez-Martín B, Sánchez-Calderón A, Moreno-Peral P, Conejo-Cerón S, Bellón JA. Effectiveness of physical activity for the primary prevention of depression: a systematic review, meta-analysis and meta-regression of randomized controlled trials. International Conference on Physical Activity and Health, Cuenca, Spain, 2017.

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